Special Needs

Delano Athletica Junior Gymnastics is now offering recreational gymnastics and movement classes for children with special needs. The heart of these classes are to give these children what all children deserve: the chance to participate in an extracurricular activity to build self confidence, learn from teachable moments, and most importantly to have FUN!

The gym at Delano Athletica provides a safe non-clinical environment for children to lean through play as well as address issues such as sensory integration, self regulation, behavior modulation, low muscle tone, body awareness and self control. By nature, classes at Delano Athletica also offer all of the good things that come along with being in the gymnastics environment such as self esteem building, skill building, hand-eye coordination and sport specific fundamentals.

All private and small group classes are run by a recreation therapist who has a wide breadth of knowledge in early intervention therapies, adaptive recreation, as well as gymnastics.

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