Class Schedule Summer 2024

Due to the high demand of our 2-hour Advanced level 3 class, we will now be offering it on Saturday from 9am-11am as well. If you would like to add this Saturday class to your schedule, the price would be $270 per month. Which is a $30 discount off the second class. You also have the option of Switching to the Saturday class if that works out better for your schedule. 



Please check back for information. Thank you for your patience.

All classes focus on five core elements and are geared to challenge and encourage students' individual skill level.

  • Discipline & Self-Control
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Flexibility & Strength
  • Confidence
  • Apparatus Training & Technique

Class Descriptions:

  • Level 1: No experience necessary. More focus on fun activities and techniques.
  • Level 2: Some experience recommended. More structured classes that focus on individual apparatuses or skill sets.

Note: You must first call or email us to register to attend a class. No walk-ins.

-All classes run 1 hour unless otherwise indicated.

-All highlighted classes are Closed classes; by invitation only.


-45 mins of toddlers and parents, introduction to gymnastics

Beginning (ages 3-6)

-learning handstand, basic gymnastics elements

Level 1

-handstand, cartwheel, bridge

-basic beam walks, learning pullovers on bars, squat on/ forward roll on vault matt

 Level 2

-handstand, cartwheel, bridge, bridge kick-over, learning back walkover

-handstand on beam, pullover on bars, learning back hip circle, learning handstand flat back on vault

Level 3

-back walkover, back handspring, front handspring

-handstand and cartwheel on beam, pull over and back hip circle on bars; learning kips, front handspring over vault

Level 4/ Advanced

-back walkover, double back handspring, front handspring, front tucks, learning back tucks -cartwheel and back walkover on beam, kips and fly aways on bars, front handspring over vault

-Students must have waiver signed by parent or guardian to attend. Download form.

Saturday Open Gym

-10am-1pm, $15 per hour for everyone

Don't see a class that suits your schedule or age range? Let us know!

Call today to schedule a free class! 805-850-0491

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